She’s baaack!…Guest Blogger Melissa’s New Fab Find: MAC Angel Lipstick

MAC Angel Lipstick

mac angel lipstick
MAC Angel Lipstick
Photo courtesy of Miss Natty’s Beauty Diary
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I’m back! I’ve crawled out of the black hole they call Thesis. And just in time for Spring! Now, I have a confession to make: I am obsessed with make-up. I am drawn to the brightly lit displays in drug stores and if you ever take me to a department store, that’s where I end up. I can’t walk past a Sephora or Bare Minerals in a mall without going in and ogling the new colors. My mother never knew why I needed such a big suitcase when we went on family trips. She brags she can fit a week’s worth of clothes for five people in one suitcase and mine is just as big as hers. Well, she doesn’t share my love of make-up. I’m passing this down to my sister and I secretly think my Mom is scared.

I have another confession: As much as I love my beauty products, I only got into lipstick about a year ago. I know right, I’m ashamed of myself. At some point in my childhood I got the impression that lipstick is cakey and dries your mouth out (I now know that doesn’t happen with proper exfoliation). So, on a whim in Rite Aid one day I bought a nude lipstick. It was a safe color for me. Over the next few months I couldn’t walk past a lipstick display without buying another beautiful tube. I was on a mission: to find the perfect colors for my collection. I have since found the perfect red, purple, deep berry, and I still hang on to my nude. The one lipstick that was evading me though, was the perfect pink. I don’t mean bright pink, although I will admit I have a tube or two of those, but I mean a lovely pale pink.

I was having a hard time finding one that wasn’t too bubble gum princess. I’m sure you all know the color: the overly frosted pink that sits on  your lips. Yeah. Every time I tried a softer hued pink it just looked too shiny. Now, I’m not a make-up discriminator. I love my Maybelline as much as I love my Nars. I’ll try everything once. So, after six months of hunting for this elusive pink I was about to give up. And then I saw one of my manager’s at my second job with this gorgeous lip color on. It was to die for. I knew I had to have it. It was one shade lighter than her lips, so it looked natural and not too much like a pre-teen girl who’s just discovered Lip Smackers sparkly vanilla frosting gloss (I’m not dissing Lip Smackers, because that was definitely the best smelling lip gloss of my childhood, but it’s way too sparkly and white).

It turns out this amazing lip stick is from Mac and it’s called Angel. Needless to say, I bought it right away. The website says it’s a “soft pink,” but it is so much more than that. It doesn’t make me look too washed out and it looks great with a tan or bronzer too. It has a slight shimmer to it, but not enough that I look like a shiny object glimmering in the sun. This lipstick slides on so smooth I don’t notice it and it doesn’t dry out my lips. I hardly ever have to touch it up. And, best of all, I don’t get that white residue that builds up like most lipsticks. It’s the right lipstick to wear with a smoky eye, because it isn’t too bold so your eye shadow doesn’t have to compete. I am so happy I found this color. I admire the little stains it leaves on the rim of my coffee mug in the mornings and it fills me with joy. I definitely recommend this product for anyone looking for a lighter pink shade. It retails for about $16.00 and can be found here:

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3 thoughts on “She’s baaack!…Guest Blogger Melissa’s New Fab Find: MAC Angel Lipstick

  1. Mac is the only lipstick I use! “Snob” is a great color too! Nice meeting you the other day fellow Uniontowner! Lol

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