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Food (or Bacteria) for Thought…informative post from “About Face and More”.

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Well, not so fast. In this, billion dollar beauty industry the choices are vast on where to purchase your skincare. Everyone loves a bargain don’t they? Rarely does a day go by that I don’t hear a client, friend or passing conversation (evesdropping) say that you can get that cheaper on Amazon.  While this is true for many things, it’s not always true for beauty products.  While there are various ways to purchase on Amazon, the most risky is from a third party vendor. An estimated 40% of sellers on Amazon are this type per Michael Sacca of Bandisty and Benchwarmer.  images

What does this mean to you? Simply that what you think you are ordering is not necessarily what you are getting and that is a recipe for disaster when you are talking about your skin. Say you order a great facial moisturizer that saves you $10 than if…

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