South Beach Eats and Shopping Treats…

south beach miami, ocean drive dining
south beach miami, ocean drive dining
South Beach Miami - Ocean Drive
Having a shopping dry spell back in Pittsburgh, one of the first things that I wanted to do in South Beach was shop. My hotel being located on 9th and Ocean Drive put me in the heart of everything that South Beach is known for, without ever having to grab a cab. I love a good charity event or cocktail party and here was the perfect place to find something new to wear to events that is sexy and different, without being too slutty.
On 851 Washington Avenue, just two blocks from Ocean Drive I found the trendy men’s and women’s store Star Image. What I liked about Star Image was the new, fresh designs and item’s that can’t be found in Pittsburgh. They carry designers such as SKY and Black-Collection. You’ll find a lot of embellished jeans and dresses with rhinestones and studs…but not in a tacky way.  More in a “Real Housewives of Orange County” kind of way. Prices were moderate. Many of the embellished dresses by SKY run around $350, but they are of high quality.
Next up was women’s store TRAMP. Loved this store! What made it so special was the personal attention given to me by the store owner, Michele. Tramp carries sexy clothes, shoes and accessories. Prices were moderate. Great high heel sexy shoe collection!
At 835 Washington Avenue, I came across the store Luna Designs. I ended up purchasing a cute white, ruched dress by Rubicon USA which will be put in my “White Party” arsenal of possible dresses. 
I did wander into the Kardashian’s DASH store, located on 815 Washington Avenue, just to check it out. While I found many semi-cute items from Alice + Olivia that might work, I found it to be low in inventory and over-priced for what they were offering. I found it funny that the most plentiful items for sale in the store were branded “DASH” bottles of drinking water and Kris Jenner’s book “and All Things Kardashian“.
From there, I needed to pick up some bottled water, a floppy hat for the beach, and some Red Bull. Conveniently Lee Ann Drug on 955 Washington Avenue was right in my path. This store has everything that you could possibly need on your trip, with great prices (almost as good as Walmart)! I stocked up on snacks too, to avoid raiding the mini bar in my hotel room.
Although slightly intimidated by the self-serve frozen yogurt stations, I was drawn into YO Club Frozen Yogurt on 937 Washington Avenue by the cute guy behind the counter. This place had a really unique set-up with multiple self-serve frozen yogurt stations where you serve yourself and are charged by the weight of the frozen yogurt. YO Club Frozen Yogurt offered low sugar, low-fat, all-natural and organic varieties in some interesting flavor choices such as coconut and fruit tart. I ended up mixing 4 different flavors and decided that this place is an official “must do” in South Beach. Delicioso.
Up next…dining on Ocean Drive… This can get tricky…

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