7 Sensational Beauty and Skin Care Products I Can’t Live Without…

You know how you have your “go-to” beauty and skin care products that you MUST have in your life? Products that if they were to be discontinued bloodshed and gnashing of teeth would follow? I’ve decided to finally update my list of true beauty “must-haves”. These items are in no particular order. I’ve just tried […]

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I Decided to Take The Plunge and Just Do It!

the birth of pure skin care center pittsburgh

We’ve all forced our friends to play “beauty parlor” when we were kids, haven’t we? From the time I was five years old, I knew I wanted to be a part of something glamorous. I didn’t know what it should be, but it would be something that would allow me to “sparkle”. Something that could […]

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Five Easy Skin Care Tips That Can Help Improve Your Skin FAST…

Is your skin feeling dull and lifeless lately? I know we all are well aware of the benefits of wearing sunscreen everyday, but besides sunscreen, I’ve listed a few other skin care tips that you may have not been aware of. These are easy, simple, and affordable steps that you can take to make a big […]

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