Hidden Pittsburgh Gems Part I…Favorite Sushi Restaurant

Fuji Sushi - best sushi in Pittsburgh
best pittsburgh sushi fuji sushi in robinson
Fuji Sushi in Pittsburgh

After living in Los Angeles for several years, it’s kind of hard to acclimate myself to the sushi offerings in the Pittsburgh area. Sure, it’s good, but just doesn’t have the same taste as sushi from the West Coast. I found myself accepting of the offerings here, but not blown away by any means. This comes from a girl that used to savor excellent sushi several times a week while living in Cali. Fortunately, by word of mouth, I came across a new sushi place that has blown my socks off – and contributed to my unrelenting “sushi” addiction with twice weekly treks to this new favorite place in near Robinson Township.  Although the address technically lists “McKees Rocks” as the city, Fuji Sushi – located at 6093 Steubenville Pike, near Robinson Town Center.

My favorite item at Fuji Sushi is the spicy tuna roll. The owner and sushi chef, “Tommy” does spicy tuna rolls a little bit different that the other local sushi restaurants. Instead of minced tuna, he uses a solid piece of tuna inside and two types of hot sauce on the outside, including Srichacha sauce. He’s also very personable and likes to tell jokes as he makes the sushi. This place is also BYOB and they do not charge a cork fee.

Please don’t let the strip mall exterior scare you away. Once you try Fuji Sushi, you’ll be hooked. The interior is not very big and could use a little “freshening up”, but the food more than makes up for the lackluster appearance. Fuji Sushi is a locally-owned small business and run by what appears to be a husband and wife team. Since they do not have a large staff, please be forewarned that it does get very crowded on the weekends and wait time for your order can be about 30 minutes or more. I’ve been there at “non-peak” times and was served very promptly. To me, it’s worth the wait.

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2 thoughts on “Hidden Pittsburgh Gems Part I…Favorite Sushi Restaurant

  1. My absolute favourite is Jimmy Wan’s in Cranberry. They make my sushi with brown rice, and it’s absolutely positively scrumptious! 🙂

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