Maniac Magazine February – March 2012 Issue Preview…

Maniac Magazine February 2012, Lucy Hale Pretty Little Liars Cover Shoot, Pittsburgh, April Hubal
Maniac Magazine February/March 2012 – Lucy Hale photographed by April Hubal

Who would’ve thought that little ol’ me would get to preview of the new issue of Pittsburgh’s Maniac Magazine? As I walked into Maniac Magazine‘s February/March 2012 live blogging event in Pittsburgh’s South Side Works, I jokingly thought to myself, “is this some cruel set-up akin to the movie Mean Girls“? That silly thought quickly passed as I was greeted with warmth by Maniac Magazine editor April Hubal and company. The room was buzzing with excitement as I joined fellow Pittsburgh area bloggers, photographers, and other “fashionistas” for a sneak preview of Maniac’s February/March 2012 issue.

maniac magazine february march 2012 issue live blogging event, pittsburgh style
Maniac Magazine February/March 2012 Live Blogging Event

I had always been a big fan of Maniac Magazine, but the February/March 2012 “LOVE” issue featuring Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale was a visual treat packed with gorgeous photography, well written articles, and Valentine’s Day fashion confections.

First up, an interesting in-depth article brilliantly written by Jennifer K. McGlincy on Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale, that was beautifully photographed by April Hubal.

I also enjoyed this issue’s Style Profile on Pamelyn McMahon. I had the pleasure of meeting Pam at the blogger event, and must say that she’s even more beautiful in person, and down-to-earth as well. Keep up the great work, Pam!
pamelyn mcmahon, maniac magazine 2012
Pamelyn McMahon Style Profile - Maniac Magazine February/March 2012
Check out J’Adore Paris…this visual confection pulls you into the streets of Paris…you can almost smell the fresh cut flowers and the scent of rain…
J'adore Paris, Maniac Magazine February 2012
J'Adore Paris - Maniac Magazine February/March 2012

You’ll also find some great last minute inspiration for Valentine’s Day… 

valentine's day style, maniac magazine february 2012
Maniac Shops! - Valentine's Day Style - February/March 2012

I was also excited to see Comedy Magician Lee Terbosic in this month’s issue. I’ve worked with Lee, he really captivates his audience!


Lee Terbosic

Behind the Scenes at Maniac Magazine’s February/March 2012 Blogger Event

dog blog at maniac magazine
Dog Blog at Maniac Magazine


dog blog, maniac magazine pittsburgh

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