A tale of a Pittsburgh Girl in Los Angeles on Oscars weekend…

pittsburgh girl in LA for the oscars

I didn’t purposely plan to be here in Los Angeles on the weekend in which the Oscars was being held. I had come to LA from Pittsburgh for a much-anticipated meeting with a major, national costume manufacturer who was interested in seeing my costume design sketches for possible inclusion into their Halloween 2012 collection. This was big time, so I couldn’t screw this up…

Pittsburgh girl in LA
Sunset and Crescent Heights

You could feel the buzz in the air the moment I stepped off the plane in Burbank. I akin Oscar weekend to New Year’s Eve…with last minute frantic searching for the illusive accessory or shoe to complete the red carpet look.

As I sat at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf with my beloved fat-free iced vanilla concoction that I had so become addicted to when I live in LA, Oscar talk could be heard coming from just about everyone’s lips around me. Of course I wouldn’t be attending the Oscars…all of the industry contacts that I had so fervently built up in the seven years that I lived in LA were all but gone.

Early Sunday morning, I decided to reminisce and take a drive down Lauren Canyon to Sunset. With KROQ blaring in the background, I drove down the winding hills of Laurel Canyon to Crescent Heights where I spotted my old gym. Sunset boulevard was a sea of excitement. Workers were busy setting up camera crews, putting up party signage and blocking off streets for the after-parties. I could only imagine what craziness would take place at these parties later in the evening.

The Oscars preparation, Pittsburgh Girl in LA
The Oscars preparation, Pittsburgh Girl in LA

I’d been invited to an informal after-party at an actor friend’s gorgeous house on Doheny Drive and another at the Chateau Marmont. Panic set in…somehow I didn’t feel that my Pittsburgh clothes were up to par. I’d been so busy lately with my clothing website and costume designs, that I hadn’t had a chance to shop for clothing in ages. Luckily, I packed a burgundy sequin tunic and black skinny pants that worked perfectly. I could devote an entire blog post to what took place that fine Oscars evening, but what happens in LA, stays in LA. I can tell you that there were very good desserts at both parties…

Oscar Party Desserts
I've decided that french pastries go quite well with champagne.
pittsburgh girl in los angeles for the oscars
View from the Chateau Marmont

In conclusion, things are never the same when we try to re-visit our past. I spent seven years living in LA doing the whole struggling actress bit (with some success – got my SAG card!). While I wouldn’t trade that time living in LA for anything in the world, I’m also eight years older, wiser, and now realize what’s truly important in life. Loved my visit, but it felt so good to come back home to Pittsburgh.

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